Tired of starting over and setting the same goals every new year just to find yourself back at square one, year after year? Introducing...
"Starting Over : Simple and Proven Steps to Guarantee Total Success and Abundance in 2019"
Starting over is a 28-Day journey that gives you all the tools and techniques for
creating fast and lasting success and transformation once and for all!
  •  You'll get a video every single day for 28 days.
  •  You'll get all the tools, lessons, and techniques you need to start over powerfully, and effectively 
  •  This is the best way to start your year. 
  •  This program will be available for $299, but for a limited time you can save $100 off!
Try Out My Program For the Next 7 Days…
If for any reason you’re not happy, simply let me know before the 7 days are up, and I’ll give you a full refund.

Start following the simple guidelines and step-by-step plan and you’ll be amazed at the change that will happen in your life in just 28 days. 

You’ll feel happy, excited, fulfilled, and at peace with your life.

Just choose a payment package that works for you before…

“Abundance For Life” Monthly Support and Mentoring Group

Included is a FREE 30-day trial of my “Abundance For Life” monthly support and mentoring group. Growth and transformation don’t have to be lonely. It can be fun, exciting, and an experience you look forward to every single day. 

Once you get out of just “surviving”, and your deepest wounds, triggers, and pain are healed… then “thriving” is the fun part! And you can be LOVED and supported the whole way through… You don’t have to do it ALONE.

That’s why I created the “Abundance For Life” membership program. So you can experience abundance in health, wealth, relationships, and in all areas of your life that matter the most to you.

If you love the first 30 days, just stay subscribed and every month you’ll receive two exclusive training videos, bi-weekly question and answer sessions, one mantra, one guided meditation, access to our private support group, and you’ll automatically be billed just $33/month.

If you don’t love Abundance for life and wish to cancel, simply reach out to us at support@manifestwithmandy.com and we’ll take care of you. Once we cancel, you won’t be billed again. Obviously, a cancellation doesn’t refund previous months charges and if you cancel you won’t have access to any prior months material either.

It’s just like canceling Netflix 😉

It’s that simple.

*** If you prefer NOT to be subscribed and receive this free 30 day trial of our “Abundance For Life” program, simply make sure the “opt-in” box is unchecked during the order process… and just get the authentic creation program by itself. It’s that easy.
Get access to the entire course on all devices: Android, iOs, Apple TV, Desktop and tablet
    Digital Access + Completion Certificate
    Get access to the entire course on all devices: Android, iOs, Apple TV, Desktop and tablet + Completion Certificate when you take a completion exam at the end of the course.
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